Build & deploy serverless apps on a global cloud network

Cloudflare Workers erases the distinction between writing code locally and deploying apps globally.
As of April 11th, pre-reservations have ended. Please check back here soon for more information.

The Network is the Computer™

Powered by Cloudflare’s network of 165 points of presence, Workers lets you focus on what matters: writing the code that powers your business. Move faster by deploying applications globally with Workers in the same time it takes to deploy to a single cloud region on a traditional provider.

Located where your users are

Cloudflare’s network is located in the world’s most populated regions. Anycast routing automatically sends requests to the nearest data center without having to set up global load balancing, so your users get packets faster than it would take light to travel halfway around the world.

How Workers works

The process was invented in the 1960s to allow many people to run code on a single mainframe. It was never meant for the lightweight execution model we have with serverless.
Most serverless platforms are built on top of that process-model, giving you cold starts and overhead which translates to cost.
Workers uses Isolates, a lighter-weight way of securing your code which allows thousands of processes to run happily on a single server.
This allows Cloudflare to deploy your code to every one of our 165 data centers around the world, all for less than other serverless platforms charge you to deploy to one.
User code
Process overhead
Traditional architecture
Workers’ V8 isolate architecture

The future of serverless applications

Globally distributed
Workers run in 160+ data centers around the world. Anycast routing automatically sends requests to the nearest data center without having to setup global load balancing.
Fast deployment worldwide
Deploy code to every datacenter worldwide in under 30 seconds. Use the API, UI, or a 3rd party integration to deploy code without a complicated configuration to get started.
No cold starts
Due to the use of V8’s low overhead Isolate implementation for sandboxing instead of containers, experience consistently high performance for every Worker invocation.
Cheaper than alternatives
Usage is priced on a per request basis and does not include additional charges for factors like bandwidth or receiving events from HTTPS requests.
Runs on V8
The Workers platform uses the proven V8 JavaScript engine to provide a high performance and sandboxed runtime.
Uses Service Workers API
We support the open-source Service Workers API, so you can write Cloudflare Workers the same way you would write Service Workers in the browser.
Cache API
Cache responses generated by Workers as well as responses received from 3rd party services to reduce redundant calculations and improve latency.
Responds to HTTPS
Cloudflare Workers come with their own routing layer and don’t require an additional expensive API gateway to set up in order to handle HTTPS requests.
Includes Key-Value storage
Workers KV provides quick state retrieval for your serverless applications at all 165 of our data centers. The key-value store is eventually consistent to allow for exceptionally high performance.
Integrated with Serverless Framework or Terraform
Easily build Workers into your existing pipeline using Terraform or the Serverless Framework. For custom use cases, deploy Workers via the API.
Supports multiple languages via Web Assembly
Import and use custom code or libraries from multiple languages including Rust, Go, C++, C, Lua, and more using the built-in Web Assembly (WASM) support.
Easy to get started
Build serverless applications that can respond to HTTPS requests and run in 160+ locations without additional configuration using the well-documented Service Workers API.